Writing is an art that enables precise thinking with the music and the sense of language. The art practice of creative writing puts the practitioner in touch with her impetus for "reciprocal creation," as poet Pattiann Rogers calls it. Every time I finish composing a poem or a prose narrative, the raw material of human experience evolves into a work that can be published, to give pleasure and to instruct in how one may see anew. This artistic transformation is dreamweaving. And the magical thing about this creative transformation is that one learns from and works with kindred spirits who value beauty, goodness, truth, and social justice.  

Marj Evasco

When I made the crucial decision to learn the craft of writing poetry, I did so with the knowledge that it was not going to be easy and would require years, or even a whole lifetime of dedicated attention. Before my first collection of poetry was published, my apprenticeship was long and filled with false starts. "Visions and re-visions" became my guiding principle in the practice of the art. More than four decades later, I'm still learning something new every day. 

A Turtle-Poet Dreams, Given Time

This is one of the poems in my forthcoming fifth collection of poems in English and Bol-anong Binisay√†, with the working title "It Is Time To Come Home," which I hope to complete and release in 2023. This was published in The Margins: Transpacific Literary Project, Asian American Writers Workshop, New York. 

Is it the Kingfisher?

I wrote this poem after a visit to Corregidor Island. (Artwork by Paulo Lim, a gift from Carmie Flor Ortego, Dec. 2019)

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